Each member council is entitled to two logins, a primary login and a secondary login.


The primary login should be for the person or persons responsible for maintaining the council's details on this website. This is usually the clerk or assistant/deputy clerk.


The secondary login should be for persons needing to access the information on this website, but who are not able to change your own details. This is for chairmen and councillors.


The system uses email addresses as login IDs. On logging in you will be able to enter the email address(es) to be used for subsequent access. You can change these at any time by visiting the "My Account" page.


Council details on this website

Our website allows you to control/change/update your Council information contained in this website. Please check it is correct by visiting the "My Account" page when logged in.

Subscriber Login

Subscribers can log in here in order to be given unrestricted access to the main pages of the website.


Each member council has up to two logins, each with their own password. The main user (usually the clerk) has access to the 'primary' account - this account has the control to set the passwords and to create the secondary account for all councillors.


If you are a councillor and have not been given the secondary account login, you will need to contact your clerk.



If you are the new clerk to one of our member councils please ask the outgoing clerk to provide you with the primary account details. If this is not possible please contact -


SUSSEX MEMBERS - Anna Beams 01273 830204 or email

SURREY MEMBERS - Isabelle Mouland 01273 830205 or email

Please enter the details below, and if you are using a secure computer optionally tick the "Keep me logged in" box, so that you won't need to log in again on return visits.

The ID and password are not case-sensitive.

If you can't remember your password, leave it blank but enter all the other form details (the login ID must be an email address). We will send a reminder of your password to the email address entered.

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